our girls

Like all successful catteries, we base our present and future on the girls that are being used in the breeding program. Since we are a small cattery, we normally do not have more than three queens active at a time. Since the queens seem to come into heat around the same time, if we have more than this the kittens will not be able to get the love and attention they need to become great pets.
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Mika as we call her is our newest girl. Even though she is still a kitten, we can tell that she will have wonderful babies. She has wonderful type and pattern and she will imprint her playful nature on her babies.


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Speakeasy's Shiva of Amerikatz.

Shiva has fantastic type and we could not be happier. She has a exceptional rosetted pattered on a tight pelted coat. Her temperment is of an affectionate and loves her people. She is excellent with her babies and is a very doting mother.











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