Kitten adoption process

Adopting your bengal from Amerikatz involves an informal process that we have honed over the many years of breeding. We have setup this process for the benefit of the animal.


First of all, we DO NOT place breeder kittens or cats or ship.  We only place pets. All kittens are individually priced based on how the kitten compares to the breed standard.

Our adoption process for placing pet kittens from Amerikatz includes the following and is subject to change without notice:

  • Please contact us about the kitten you are interested in either by phone or email. Our contact form and phone number is found on the Contact Us web page. Please note that we will not take any deposit for a kitten that you cannot come and visit. Nor do we keep a waiting list.  We feel that it is important that you see the kitten before making your choice.

  • For first time adopters from our cattery, you will need to be interviewed.  This is an informal process to see if a Bengal would be a fit in your home.  We will talk about the home they will live in. What your expectation may be, etc.

  • After our phone interview, a visit to our cattery would be necessary to interact with the kittens. We allow these visits to our cattery to begin when the kittens are five weeks of age or older.

  • We would appreciate if our prospective clients give us at least a one day prior notice when you wish to come and visit our cattery. Like everyone, we also have many things to attend to in our personal life.

  • Since we have a life long responsibility to the kittens that we place, we want to meet the families that will take care of our furry children. At your visit you will have opportunities to play and interact with the kittens and ask us any questions you may have.

  • At the time your visit, we will discuss the date that the kitten will be able to go home.  During your visit, we will also talk about what food we feed, the litter we use, etc.

  • We do not ship our bengals

  • Each kitten is sent home with a complete physical exam by our vet and two sets of shots and their vet records. They also include a pedigree registration "blue" slip after the kitten is spayed or neutered.

  • We require a 50.00 minimum deposit at the time you select you kitten.  This deposit is non-refundable but can transferred to another kitten.

  • The kitten must be paid in full before they go home.

  • The kittens from our cattery go home at 12 weeks.

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