a sample of the type of kittens that Amerikatz produces.

Feel free to get in touch with us to check for available kittens. We usually have no more than 1-2 litters on the ground at a time, a few times a year. Our babies live underfoot and often are visited by our friends and their children. We post pictures of the kittens that are available when they are around three weeks old. Please don't ask for us to email any photos as this ties up our mail server. All photos of available kittens are posted on our site. We follow an formal yet simple adoption process that we have honed over the many years of placing kittens.



Our Adoption Process

Like most catteries, we have defined a process for adoption. Our process is not formal and is subject to change. It can be found here

Kitten FAQ

We listed in this Frequently Asked Questions page the most commonly asked questions by families that have adopted kittens from us. Like most FAQ's, this will continue to grow with content as the site ages. It can be found here.

Available Kittens

Currently we do not have any kittens available, but our queen has been bred and we expect them in January.


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