Bengal Information

The Bengal is a relatively new breed of cat in comparison to other domestic or imported breeds that you find in most people's homes. Bengals were first bred in California by Jean Mill and was created when she crossed an Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) with a domestic shorthair. The Bengal cat gets its name from the Latin name for the Asian Leopard Cat, Felis Bengalensis.  The Bengal was bred to feline lovers the opportunity to have a domestic animal with a wildcat appearance similar to the ALC.  Even with its genetic makeup containing a major contribution from the ALC, its temperament is purely domestic and is an excellent addition to any family home.

There were several goals in developing the Bengal cat breed.  Breeders were placed with the task of preserving the strong physical resemblance to its wild ancestor. While being designed to be a pleasant and trustworthy family companion.

The Bengal is medium to large, sleek and very muscular cat with its hindquarters slightly higher than its shoulders with a thick tail that is carried low like a wild cat. The Bengal should be alert and affectionate and its distinctive spotted or marbled coat should enhance the cat’s appearance. The different patterns that Bengals exhibit are either spotted or marbled, on several different background colors.  Which include brown, snow (white), or added recently silver.

One thing unique to the Bengal is a coat trait called glitter. This is when the cat's fur has a gold or pearl dusting effect when exposed to sunlight. Please note: not all Bengal kittens are born with a glittered coat. The Bengal has a pelted coat that has a rich smooth feel of an ermine or mink. Some of the fun aspects are when Bengals talk to their owners. They are different than that of other domesticated cats. Because they can coo and chirp and might not necessarily meow. The Bengal cat is also very athletic and will jump and do amazing acrobatic feats. Don’t be surprised to have them jump into the shower or bath with you.  They love to play with water!

To sum up, the Bengal is self-assured, affectionate and playful cat with stunning looks.