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Welcome to amerikatz...

Amerikatz Bengals is a small Bengal Cat cattery located northwest of the city of Chicago and near to O'Hare Airport. We started breeding Bengals in 1996 with the purchase of Anala. Over the many years since, with Anala and her progeny, we have continued our commitment to raising exotic looking pet Bengals with affectionate temperaments. Our philosophy has always been to selectively breed for the highest quality possible within the confines of a small, personalized cattery. Each Bengal kitten is born to lots of tender, individualized attention.

We have classic brown and snow leopard types as well as the spotted and marbled variety. Our cattery is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) and we are members in good standing of The International Bengal Cat Society. Amerikatz owner Philip Hawkins, is an active member of TICA and Philip is working to be enrolled the TICA judging program.

Enjoy your stay here and let us know if we can help you add a Bengal to your family.